Who We Are

We are a close knit team of 30 individuals who are passionate about the Web. We are driven by the purpose of identifying and executing strategies to help businesses and organizations grow online.

As a team, we have managed over 2000 projects related to Online Strategy building, Online Marketing Services (SEM and SMM) and Web Designing.

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CueBlocks was formed in July 2005 and over the years, we have had a terrific time in bringing ideas to life and delivering bottom line growth for our various clients. Our journey started like most start ups - with a bedroom doubling up as an office for the initial 10 months!

Within the first 3 months of starting out, we were able to repay all our loans, which we had taken from our families, and the company has been debt free and profitable ever since.

We have no intentions of looking at an exit plan or getting bought over. Our decisions are governed by understanding and evaluating how each will impact the company in the long run. We are not just looking at short term quick benefits. Our entire planning is based on the fact that we are long term players and are here for good. For us, making CueBlocks grow is not a sprint, but a marathon - requiring a lot of endurance and strength at the same time. This is why we say - 'If it's online, we go the distance with you!'

Since there are no venture capitalists or external investors involved, all our actions and decisions are purely governed by what we as a team strongly believe should be the growth plans of the company.

We have a good infrastructure and love coming to office each day!

At any point in time, there is at least one team member at CueBlocks, who is from a different country and culture. This lends a lot diversity to our working environment and our teams also learn to interact and work with people from different cultures and with different working styles. This makes our company more open to varied ideas and also leaves us all culturally enriched. This cultural diversity at work helps in client interaction, undertsanding and appreciation of different perspectives and project execution as well.

We strongly believe in giving back to the society. Corporate Social Responsibility is something one should do irrespective of one's size. There are several non-profit initiatives that we are a part of and which have been started by CueBlocks.