CueBlocks Is Hiring!

CueBlocks is Hiring
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Responsive Design – New Age Mobility Solution

Gone are the days of sole desktop computing, with the advent of handheld devices, the e-commerce giants are feeling an increasing need to make their websites readily accessible on all kinds of devices from desktops to phablets and all others in between.

The best solution for having a widespread and an effective online presence is to go responsive! Responsive design is a way of configuring and formatting a particular website as per the screen size of various devices so that it is easy to surf and scan. Responsive web design is the biggest possibility in today’s age for e-commerce websites to extend their reach and boost sales.

responsive design

Why you need to go responsive?

Building websites or web apps for a single screen is no longer a profitable strategy. With most people doing most of their work on the move, you never know what device is being used to reach you. The multi-screen plan of action and making your websites and apps adaptable to any screen is the ideal way to:

Hassle-free maintenance - Through responsive design a website has just one vers

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5 Rock Solid Foundations Of A Brilliant Copy

5 Rock Solid Foundations Of A Brilliant Copy

What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you read this brilliant ad copy crafted by Hemingway years ago, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” ? Empathy, shock, precision in language, or probably supreme admiration for the writer. To me personally, this 6 word ad copy is my favorite short-story. A story which did justice to his own often-quoted 5 rules on writing. For what is the use of language if it fails to justify the very reason it came into existence -  effective communication? In this write-up, we take you through 5 rock solid foundations which can make or break your copy. It would be great if you can add something we missed out in the comments section given below. Let us take a look at rock solid foundations first.

1. Arrest the God damn attention like you deserve it right away!

Don’t wait till the third para for your creative juices to flow. Your reader might not reach the third one if his/her attention isn’t arrested by the headline itself. Both headlines and the opening n
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Discovering a slice of paradise – a CueBlocks adv...

As soon as the last days of the Monsoon finished nurturing the earth, we, CueBies, embarked on a journey into the depths of the mountains. Filled with excitement, joy and lovely songs, the road carried us once more to an untamed jewel in the heart of the Himalayas - a delicious slice of heaven you might say. The shanti retreat in the lap of paradise Neatly tucked away in a valley split by a gentle river, over two mountain tops and past a belt of flowering cacti, quietly sits Hail Himalayas - a shanti retreat in the lap of paradise. As we descended in the valley, we felt peace and silence slowly taking a hold of us. The ankle-twisting trail abruptly ended with a sign hugging a small wooden bridge – “Welcome to Hail Himalayas” it said. We knew then we have reached our destination. IMG_20140810_091458 One by one we crossed the sturdy bridge; and as we did, it felt like we were leaving this world and entering one anew, full of mystery and adventure. It felt as if we were in a timeless bubble. With closed eyes and our ears tuned to the soothing sounds around us, it was as if we surrendered to nature's finest hour - smooth running water, birds chirping, gentle wind. I think everybody wished that the weekend break could be extended to
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Cueblocks is Hiring!

CueBlocks is Hiring
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GeoChirpr 2.0 Now Available On iTunes!

As promised, we have launched the newly updated Geochirpr 2.0 iPhone app with new features. The Twitter and Google Maps mashup app for iOS lets you search trending topics, twitter users and tweets within 5 to 60 mile radius of any geo-location in the world using your iPhone. You can tweet, untweet, retweet just the way you have been doing it until now by using the twitter application. But now you can do it within a geo-locally selected area. GeoChirpr iPhone App New Features in Geochirpr 2.0: • All new simplified and intuitive UI • Powered by Twitter API V1.1 • Designed for iPhone 5C and 5S and compatible with iOS7 • Auto-suggestion enabled for city search functionality Geochirpr uses the Twitter Public API and hence the content of themes and trends are independent of the authority of the app and may not be appropriate for users under 17 years of age. It's free and a great, useful app for people to get real time updates in a particular locale! Just tap to get started and have f
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Superhero Day at CueBlocks :)

Sometime ago, on a fun-packed day at CueBlocks there was rain, there was tea and then there was the tea-time discussion. Like any other, this too was a very important conversation being held among us. A serious discussion where everyone had their own thing to say and it was important!! Do you want to know what we were talking and fighting (sort of!) about? SUPERHEROES! Everyone had their own favorite, and those whose favorite superhero matched with another, teamed up against someone else and well, it continued. But it wasn't a fruitless thing. Super heroes in action We came up with SUPERHERO DAY! Which also meant PICTURE DAY! So we decided that one day, everyone will wear a t-shirt; even a costume (for the extra passionate!) or carry a prop representative of their favorite superhero. AND THERE WERE PICTURES!! Which are available on our Facebook. :) Behold, the superheroes of CueBlocks, because we are all superheroes on the inside going about our lives in regular clothing
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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Revenue Generating...

The Do's and Don'ts of a Revenue Generating E-Commerce Store

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Meet Mamta – Our Quality Analyst


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Meet Gagan – Our Copywriter

Gagan Heer - Copywriter @ CueBlocks

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