Hello Monsoon @ CueBlocks

Today we woke up to a pitch dark sky, at 8 am it felt like 7 pm.  The lightening, thunder and dark clouds were screaming and roaring and we knew, the monsoons were finally here!

Our wait had finally come to an end and the first monsoon shower was a relief as it shoved away the heat cloud that had been cast for so many days. As we started for office, it started to pour.

We all managed to reach office in time but our hearts resided outside amidst the heavy downpour. So, when somebody suggested, “lets go down for a while”, each one of us jumped at the opportunity.

The downpour was heavy, the drops smooth and the temperature cool. We could not resist! Most of us got drenched to our shoes, we posed for the camera trying to capture every drop of water that we could. We splashed, we danced, we laughed and had a pretty awesome time! It was followed by pipping hot tea/ coffee and sumptuous paneer pakoras (Indian snacks for the rainy season).

At CueBlocks, we certainly like a splash and welcome it with open hearts and ear to ear smiles. Sharing with you the 2012 monsoon moments of CueBlocks!

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