Custom Blog Design Solutions and Makeover

At CueBlocks we love to design and build powerful, beautiful and easy to use custom blogs. Blogs are ideal for all businesses (small, medium or large) to reach out and connect with their stake holders, share information, enhance branding, while enjoying all the benefits of Search Engine visibility.

Blog Design Solutions

1. Custom Blog Design: Creation of new custom blog designs which are in sync with your corporate website's look and feel. If you have a website and are now thinking of stepping into the wonderful world of corporate blogging to enjoy all the benefits of corporate blogging, then this service is for you!

2. Extreme blog makeover & upgrading: If you already have a corporate blog, but desire to completely upgrade the blogging software, install relevant plugins and upgrades, tidy and validate the code, improve the blog theme and design, add blogging analytics and introduce a content delivery mechanism, then you need “Extreme blog makeover”.

CueBlocks' Blog Design Services

  • We create attractive blog designs which will enhance your online branding.
  • Our custom blog designs are made with a focus on good usability.
  • The blogs designs are Standards compliant
  • Our blogs come with blogging analytics metrics to help you measure the activity on your blog
  • The custom blogs will have fully functional blog content delivery mechanism including RSS feeds and ability to subscribe to blog posts via emails.
  • Our blogging service and advice is completely in sync with Internet Marketing and Search Promotion.
  • Promotion of the blog on different RSS and blog directories and engines.
  • We also provide training on how to use the admin section of your blog by showing you how to create SEO friendly posts, add videos/podcasts, manage postings, structure categories, handle comments & spam etc.
  • We'll also insert blog content/headlines on other/alternative pages of site
  • We provide blog coaching and consulting on how to make your blog a success
  • We also offer additional copy writing services, in case you want CueBlocks to maintain your blog for you and make industry relevant blog posts.

We work with Wordpress, Movable type, Typepad and Expression Engine.


Our custom blog design/ implementation services are standards compliant and we deliver ready to use and attractive blogs to our clients.

We not only help you in designing corporate blogs, but we will also provide you with extensive blogging coaching to help you make the blog active and successful. This includes:

  • Tips and advice for improving your blog.
  • Advice on how to start blogging and manage the admin of your blog software.
  • Support for new or experienced bloggers.
  • Tips for how to promote your blog.
  • Guidance on which blogging tool or software would best suit your project.

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