Mark Finzel,
Vice President of Marketing, LearningRx. (www.learningrx.com)

LearningRx is a brain training company specializing in making kids and adults of all ages measurably smarter through research-based programs that train the brain.

"We have worked with CueBlocks for more than 3 years and have done probably hundreds of projects with them. We have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, reliability, quality of work and extensive expertise in a wide span of technologies and services. LearningRx is a Franchise system with more than 70 Franchised locations, and CueBlocks has helped us meet the many demands and challenges of building a technology infrastructure to support multiple locations. As we bring new ideas and technology demands to the table, they are consistently able to take on new challenges with ease and expertise. They consistently deliver work on-time, on-budget and with the highest levels of quality. In addition, CueBlocks is a pleasure to work with as a team—they are friendly, easy to communicate with, highly professional and have the highest level of work ethics and values. I highly recommend CueBlocks!"

Garry Kelly,
Producer of Radio, TV & Film (www.TheGKShow.com)

"I very much enjoyed my experience working with CueBlocks. I'm not very tech savvy when it comes to website designs & hosting but found the team at CueBlocks very accommodating, helpful and they made the whole process quite simple. They worked around my schedule and my deadline and I even felt I got to know the team personally over the few months as we were constantly exchanging so many emails with little changes or suggestions here and there. Their patience, energy, motivation and stride for perfection in pleasing their customer is outstanding. And with all their expertise, professionalism and friendly manner -they are very reasonable cost-wise!"

Laura Thomas,
Owner (www.castlebaths.com)

"I spent the last decade learning SEO and web design from many of the top SEO firms and specialist. Yet earlier this year in 2009 -I came to the conclusion- I simply wasn't getting the job done, no matter how hard I tried. I needed better targeted traffic and I needed sales.

based on my own SEO knowledge I found hiring a team rather hard- for I usually knew more them the firm. However, after intensive interviewing of various SEO Marketing Firms- CueBlocks was chosen to help bring my Natural Spa Product online store to the playgrounds of Google. I choose to have the team put together an ongoing marketing plan that did not include PPC, based on I am mostly interested in the organic listing. After hiring the CueBlocks team, I started noticing my traffic was forthcoming totally in my niche and highly targeted. The team has written copy, blogged and inspired my customers far more than I could have imaged. I trust them as MY EXPERTS!

In addition- all of the CueBlocks team members are friendly, fast, reliable and simply WONDERFUL to work with:-) "

Patrick McKeown,
President of Asthma Care Ireland (www.asthmacare.ie)

"CueBlocks have been instrumental in the design and development of two of our websites, www.asthmacare.ie and www.buteykoclinic.com The personnel in this company was a pleasure to work with. They were timely, had original ideas, provided good feedback and delivered more than promised. I would have no hesitation in recommending CueBlocks. In addition, you can contact me directly regarding the work that CueBlocks carried out for me."

Best wishes

Marissa Buckley,
Director, E-Marketing, ICI Homes (www.ICIHomes.com)

"CueBlocks has done an amazing job at delivering more than we expected. Not only have our search engine rankings increased dramatically and we are getting great results from the additional traffic to our site, the service CueBlocks provides is impeccable. The team is always friendly, timely, and consistently delivers valuable information on our results as well as new strategies that help ICI Homes achieve a broader internet presence in the absolute perfect way. Every project has been a success and it's affordable. ICI Homes will continue to use CueBlocks for our existing web sites as well as the internet marketing projects we have planned for the future."

Kevin Kelly,
International Speaker and Best Selling Author (www.KevinKellyUnlimited.com)

"Working with Cueblocks has been an absolute pleasure. In terms of customer service, client communication, idea generation,commitment,design and for me the most important part - professional warmth, Cueblocks has excelled in all departments. I have already recommended them to a number of my colleagues - more to come."

Brenda Savage,

"Pancham and his team have been amazingly in tune to what I wanted to create from the get-go! They are the only company (of over 20 that bid on my project) that really paid attention, and asked questions, as to what my goals for the website were. They did a ton of preliminary research, before I ever awarded them the job. They have not been demanding, they have worked with my sometimes crazy schedule, and they have created everything that they said they would. Communication (even though we are across the world from each other) has been excellent from their side... I, on the other hand, have had events that have kept me from communicating as much and as often as would be optimal. I can't wait to move on to the next phases... but I am very impressed with the work to date. Want to see it? Go to www.brendasavage.com.

Thanks, Pancham and Avneet and Sarthak!"

Tracey A. Bloodsaw,

"I asked CueBlocks to create a website that made a statement to visitors and they did exactly that and more. They captured the essence of my business, my mission and me and they did it with diligence, professionalism and décor."

Eric Sheets,
Luxury Travel to Latin America,(www.latinexcursions.com)

"We have been working with Cueblocks now for more then a year and besides having derived success in our SEO efforts, we received very high quality personal attention and lots of advice that was invaluable for a small boutique travel business as Latin Excursions. We have also been impressed that Cueblocks has been very adept in dealing with Global clients and feel that despite the geographical distance, communicating with CueBlocks has never been an issue for us.

We would recommend their services to any business!"

Bradley S. Sherman,
Law Offices of Sherman & Souto,(www.ShermanSoutoLaw.com)

"I run a small law firm in Central Florida. I had a web site that I needed to update and expand to reflect my changing needs. I had to go half way around the world to find a web site design team that could satisfy all of my web site needs. Cue Blocks Technologies based out of India has not only redesigned my web site, but they also have educated me about everything I need to know to market my law firm. Cue Blocks provided me with detailed proposals for Link Building, Local Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Before using Cue Blocks Technologies I did not understand the potential for my web design and I did not understand the importance of long term planning with the marketing of my web site. The people at Cue Blocks are conscientious and responsive to my business needs. They are quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. Although I think of the team at Cue Blocks as my friends from India, they perform their services as if they were based out of Florida."