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Quality work
We don't just work but strive to accomplish more than what clients expect from us. It's truly worth it when all the hard work and toil is rewarded with some back-patting and drinks on the house!
Awesome Food
A sumptuous, healthy meal is what we get for lunch everyday at CueBlocks. Our in-house chef keeps our hungry souls at rest with mouth-watering food everyday.
Brilliant co-workers
You will find co-workers who don't turn into evil warheads and are usually friendlier than you can imagine. Each and everyone at CueBlocks completes the jigsaw in their own special way!
Games and more
Our entertainment area is full of life, thanks to the pool table, table tennis, PS3 and lots of board games. We also house a funky library where Dilbert and Archies sit shoulder to shoulder with Freakonomics.
Chatur and Carlos
The Beagle brothers, Chatur and Carlos run around the office, play with all the employees, fight with each other and hunt for things to eat. Thought love at first sight did not exist? Come and meet them once!
The Famous Theme Parties
CueBlocks brings out the best in us but not as much as the theme parties! We all put in efforts to get 'into the character' and live up to it. From prom nights to fancy dress parties; we drink, we dance, we eat, we talk and have a lot of fun!
Happy People
The vibrant energy and the positive attitude at CueBlocks leaves the employees charged, charmed and chilled out. We feel happy to come to office every morning and rarely notice the clock ticking away.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A video must be worth a lot more.



There are few pre-requisite skills required to apply for any of these openings.

  • Email Marketing Specialist (1)

    Email marketing is a major marketing channel for eCommerce stores. As a part of the eCommerce marketing scope, CueBlocks provides email marketing strategy and management for medium and small sized online stores. You will be hands-on involved in developing customized strategies for our clients.

    As an email marketing specialist/coordinator, you will be part of the Digital Marketing team of CueBlocks and will be hands-on involved with all email marketing projects and associated measurement.

    As an email marketing specialist, your job role will entail (not limited to):

    • • Plan and execute the complete email marketing strategy and engagement, campaign conceptualization, creation and measurement, within specific budget of the client.
    • • To build an expert level understanding of the top email marketing platforms including mailchimp, bronto, icontact and exacttarget.
    • • You will quality check all campaigns right from the creation phase, testing and to the final deployment of the plan.
    • • Develop high quality and consumer engaging content and newsletter templates.
    • • You will be closely working with the content, design and development team(s) to coordinate designing of templates, content creation, landing page development, integration of code etc.
    • • Review email marketing campaign metrics and proactively identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign.
    • • Increase new email subscription sign ups.
    • • You will plan engagement strategies for the entire life cycle of a customer.
    • • Manage daily/weekly/monthly reporting for all email marketing activities.
    • • You will actively participate in blogging and creating on articles email marketing techniques for eCommerce stores.
    • • List segmentation based on advanced analytics and customer profiling.
    • • Measure performance of each email marketing campaign.
    • • As an email marketing expert, you should have effective writing and speaking skills along with being creative and innovative.
    • • You will be involved conceptualizing and executing email marketing strategies within a specific budget for the client.

    Desired Skills:

    • • Strong understanding of top email marketing platforms and techniques
    • • Passion for eCommerce and Online Marketing
    • • Understanding of eCommerce and web and web analytics tool (Google Analytics)
    • • Sound qualitative and quantitative analytical skills
    • • Ability to work with large data and discern trends and patterns
    • • We require you to have excellent project management skills.
    • • Strong written and speaking skills
    • • Proactivity
    • • Creativity and innovative thinking
    • • Analytical bent of mind
    • • Deadline oriented
    • • Results driven

    If you are looking for an exciting career opportunity, drop us your cv at
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    Our recruitment pipeline is currently full for this role. You can send us your cv here. We'll keep you posted when we're hiring again!

  • CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist [Digital Marketing] (2)

    As a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) specialist you will be part of the Digital Marketing team at CueBlocks and will be involved in evaluating eCommerce stores and undertaking a detailed analysis to identify how we can maximize their conversion rate.
    At CueBlocks CRO is one of the most vital services we offer to our clients, and one in which we are competent. Conversion Rate Optimization is part science and part art. We are looking for someone with a very keen eye for detail and who has an inclination toward eCommerce industry awareness of usability principles and a reliable common sense.
    Candidates with proven experience in CRO may be difficult to find, which is why we are even open to candidates who have prior background in Digital Marketing, Usability, User Experience or Quality Analysis.
    If you understand the dynamics and significance behind increasing conversions with the existing traffic that the website is already getting, then you fit the bill for this opening.

    As a CRO specialist, you will be involved in the following activities:

    • • Understanding various Conversion Rate Optimization best practices
    • • Conducting own test in areas of Conversion Optimization
    • • Evaluating a store's conversion bottle necks against known best practices
    • • Understanding nuance of a client's business and how it translates to conversion optimization
    • • Understanding and implementing ways to monitor conversion funnel congestions, design and usability factors of highly converting webpages.
    • • Multivariate testing
    • • You must be good at preparing well written and presentable reports, including the post detailed site audits.
    • • Presenting strategic inputs and content (reports) to clients in order to solicit a measurable growth in their business
    • • Project management and coordination within different teams
    • • Understanding of various tools pertaining to conversion optimization measurement and user response gathering
    • • Studying Google Analytics to measure the impact of changes made
    • • Creating case studies
    • • Extensive writing (blog posts, articles, guides etc.) on the area of Conversion Rate Optimization
    • • Creating wireframes and functionality details for implementation team

    Desired Skills :

    • • Passion for eCommerce industry and Conversion Maximization
    • • Working knowledge of web analytics, usability principles, web design concepts, content management, search marketing and ecommerce platforms
    • • Understanding of HTML, CSS and Web Programming
    • • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
    • • Analytical bent of mind
    • • Extremely well organized
    • • Deadline oriented
    • • Possess a keen eye for detail

    If you are looking for an exciting career opportunity, drop us your cv
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  • Organic Search Specialist (2)

    We believe that SEO has transformed significantly over the last couple of years. While many people have been saying that SEO is dead, we at CueBlocks, believe that it continues to occupy a very essential (but often ignored) position in online marketing. What has changed however are the skills required for deeper SEO and to be really good at it. As long as, 'being found' organically in search is going to be there, SEO will remain relevant. Today, successful SEOs need to be part web designers, part programmers, part business analysts and cognizant of the trends in organic search. One also needs to be aware of how this knowledge can be implemented on a client's website. Building organic traffic and measuring its impact on eCommerce is a challenging and ROI driven area of work at CueBlocks. We need hands-on-experts, who are passionate about 'Search' and eCommerce, and are well-acquainted with other search marketing related services. If you are fascinated with Paid Search (PPC) or any other and think of SEO as a stepping stone to other services, then this job role is not meant for you. CueBlocks is looking for a “Jack of all trades and master of 'one' – Organic Search”

    As an Organic Search Specialist, we foresee you getting involved in the following:

    • • Being on top of organic search trends, search engine algorithm changes & eCommerce industry
    • • Acting as a strategic Organic Search Consultant to eCommerce focused clients
    • • Understanding signals from Webmaster tools
    • • Web Analytics: Tracking organic traffic & revenue growth and reporting the success of SEO initiatives
    • • Keyword research
    • • Content Optimization
    • • Interacting with the client
    • • Coordination within the team and different departments (social media, copywriting, development, design etc.)
    • • Consistently aiming to devise search optimization strategies and execute them
    • • Keep clients updated with the project progress by providing inputs that add value to the ongoing progress of the project
    • • Good understanding of other eCommerce marketing techniques

    Desired Skills :

    • • Passionate about SEO / Organic Search
    • • Strong understanding of trends impacting eCommerce
    • • Impeccable written and spoken skills. You will be articulating your ideas and project progress to our clients. Ability to communicate correctly and properly is essential.
    • • Project Management skills
    • • Ability to manage details, overall flexibility and excellent work ethics
    • • Self-directed when confronted with support issues
    • • Working knowledge of web analytics, content management, web search, campaign management, eCommerce platforms and email marketing.
    • • Understanding of HTML, CSS and Web Programming
    • • Deadline oriented
    • • Result focused
    If you are looking for an exciting career opportunity, drop us your cv @
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    As a Linux Administrator, you will be involved in :

    • • Installing, configuring, supporting and maintaining servers (in-house & client)
    • • Installing and configuring new hardware and software.
    • • Maintaining server security
    • • Introducing and integrating new technologies into the existing environments.
    • • Performing back-ups
    • • System performance tuning
    • • Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with computer systems.
    • • Applying operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes.
    • • Adding, removing, or updating user account information, resetting passwords, etc.
    • • Answering technical queries and dealing with the users
    • • Researching, testing & implementing new hardware & software
    • • Troubleshooting any reported problems
    Besides performing the above mentioned roles, you may also be required for assisting and addressing MySQL related operations from time to time.
    If you are a true Linux geek and are looking for an exciting career opportunity, drop us your cv at
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    CueBlocks is a certified Magento 2® Trained agency that provides Magento 2® based development solutions for eCommerce stores. We have a team of Certified Magento Developers working on some really challenging projects. Candidates with the following skills will be given preference:

    • • Magento Certification
    • • 2+ years of real-time eCommerce experience in Magento development (Enterprise Edition preferred)
    • • Expert understanding of Magento's code structure (Themes, Modules, Integrations, etc.)
    • • Experience in developing Magento extensions
    • • Experience in cross-platform development using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery, Prototype.
    • • Experience with Git/ SVN
    • • Excellent written communication and English grammar skills.
    • • Strong interpersonal skills
    We are looking for a certified Magento Developer with noteworthy experience in Magento projects. If you consider yourself a passionate Magento coder and are constantly intrigued by the latest in technology and would love to join some brilliant minds, get it touch with us at
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  • PPC Analyst(1)

    This is how we picture our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Analyst :
    • • A Math and Statistics savvy person
    • • Can design PPC campaigns
    • • Can devise strategies to increase ROI
    • • Is good at increasing CTR and reducing the cost per clicks
    • • Handles overwhelming data with ease & is not intimidated by web analytic tools
    • • Is fun loving and likable
    • • A true Dog lover :)

    If you know what we are talking about and can help us run our PPC campaigns more effectively, send us some of your case studies along with your resume. On the other hand, if you don't get a word of what we're talking about, but trust yourself with numbers, and feel you have that rare mix of skill set and the right attitude, do get in touch with us.
    Send us your resume along with a cover letter
    Apply Here

    Our recruitment pipeline is currently full for this role. You can send us your cv here. We'll keep you posted when we're hiring again!

  • Iphone/ Android Development

    Our recruitment pipeline is currently full for this role. You can send us your cv here. We'll keep you posted when we're hiring again!

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