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Champions Retreat 2024 See You There!

We are proud to be an eCommerce Agency dedicated to serving B Corps and sustainable eCommerce brands.This is the reason I am at the Champions Retreat; to meet and learn from other like-minded people who are a part of businesses with a Purpose. I am eager to meet you, extend a warm greeting and understand if we can help accentuate your impact.

Pancham Prashar

CEO & Co-Founder,

We have some exciting news to share! CueBlocks is attending the Champions Retreat 2024 in Vancouver, Canada - the much-awaited event for the B Corp movement. 

Champions Retreat 2024 presents a unique opportunity for us to connect with like-minded individuals who aim to improve and be persistent in their purpose-driven objectives.

As an agency driven by the ethos of service and creating a positive impact on the world, we consciously work with brands, companies, and businesses that do more than just make mere profits.  

What Excites Us About the Champions Retreat 2024

CueBlocks has served businesses for 18+ years with its client-centric services in eCommerce development, digital marketing, strategic eCommerce planning, and creative design. We are proud Shopify partners and experts in Magento 2 and Wordpress.

While we strive to achieve B Corp certification in the future, our goal is to be the wind in the sail for businesses with a socially responsible approach to everything they do. See our commitment and journey so far.

B Corps’ standards align very strongly with CueBlocks’ vision for a better future. At the Champions Retreat 2024, we look forward to connecting with businesses and leaders with this similar vision of making a positive impact on the word.

While the entire schedule is packed with intriguing sessions, here are some sessions that we have registered in:

  • Changing the System from Within
  • Different Approaches to Circularity: Collaboration, Localization & Scaling by
  • Designing for Accessibility: Inclusive Practices for Your Digital Presence
  • The Regenerative Era: Transforming Business Models Beyond Sustainability
  • Revolutionizing Rest: Achieving Equity in the Radical Act of Self-Care

With these sessions, we look forward to deepening our understanding of systemic change and sustainable and inclusive practices in business to better understand businesses that are leading the change.

We truly believe that when skills and purpose unite, it leads to amazing outcomes. We are committed to empowering B Corps and socially responsible organizations to amplify their impact.

If you are attending the event and are looking for an eCommerce Agency who can understand your vision and walk the path with you, we’d love to connect with you!

A Word From Our Clients

CueBlocks never cease to amaze me with their infinite knowledge and understanding of every corner of the online sphere.

Fiona - Founder & CEO

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Satisfied clients are the fuel that keeps us on the road to learning, improving, growing, and evolving. Check out what our clients have to say about their association with CueBlocks on Clutch.

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