#1 Organic Search Results from Google

Another feature of organic search results from Google which is quite interesting is the additional links for the top ranking website!

You may or may not have come across this because it doesn’t seem to be common for all keywords. Try searching for [Mambo], [Forbes], [Mckinsey], [Adidas] or [SEO]. For every top ranking (organic) site, Google displays additional links from the website!. Here’s a snapshot of results for the keyword [Mambo]:

Screenshot of Google search reult for 'Mambo' and additional links

The question is why only a few keywords? Do these keywords belong to a specific category? Someone on SearchEngineForums suggested Google Sitemaps. Whatever it is, its a great feature.

Ideally, these should be the commonly visited pages of the site because people would most probably be looking for them. I don’t really think this is the criteria as of now.

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