40% Discount on Customer Order ID Magento Extension from CueBlocks

Customer Order ID Magento extension developed by CueBlocks allows Magento stores and e-stores thinking of moving to Magento customize the order ID format or retain their previous order ID. Using this Magento extension one can create more meaningful and more informative order ID formats.

The Order ID that the default Magento funcitionality generates reveals the number of orders made at the store such as: Order ID 10000006. From this format, the customer can come to know that their order is the 6th one, may be that’s what is required to be known by the customer. However, for a store owner, a little more detailed Order ID format won’t hurt at all.

With the customer order ID extension you can generate order IDs with custom prefixes, starting number and increment rate in the Order ID. Not only this, adding date (year, month, day), time (hour, minutes and even seconds) and any other variable that you would want in the Order ID is also possible.

For more details on the extension and or to get it, visit: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/custom-order-id-8210.html

This Extension is originally priced at $99 however, if you buy it before November 5th 2012, you can get the Magento extension for $59. The discount on the Customer Order ID extension is available at: https://store.cueblocks.com/custom-order-id.html


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