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Do you leave your copy’s fate in the hands of a spell check?

Proofreading is one of the most important aspects of successful copywriting. Any article that you write for the purpose of sharing with people, make sure it is properly spell checked. And by spell checked we mean, you do it yourself! How can you trust your machine to understand what you wish to write.

Better explained:

Your sentence says: ‘His pen fell’ but you have mistakenly spelled ‘his’ as ‘is’. Your machine’s spell check will still approve it as ‘is’ is a word. The same way if your sentence says: ‘Let me wear that shirt’, where ‘wear’ has been written as ‘ear’, the spell check would approve it hands down! This is because it is just a machine that has a software to check your spellings and not what you mean to write in that particular sentence.

Trust only yourself!

Reading and editing your copy on your own is very important. It not only helps in making changes in the content but also helps in pointing out wrong spellings. Using correct tenses, articles, form of verbs, punctuation marks, contribute in making a copy worth a read if not millions. You may consider it the most basic of the entire job, but trust a copywriter’s word, it is the most important job in creating a high ranking copy.

Keep the search engines happy..

If you are writing for the web, even the search engines do not appreciate a poorly written copy. Spelling errors and grammatical errors are the worst thing that can or should happen to your copy! Start proofreading now! Once the copy is done don’t stay away from it, sit back and think about the fate of your copy.

A copywriter’s word – Do not leave it in the hands of your machine’s spell check. Lightning can struck anyone. 🙂

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I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.
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