A Goddess just descended on CueBlocks

There is no dearth of work in our office, especially when it comes to being creative. It was just one of those regular days when the idea of Thesis came in to being. In-fact, calling it an ‘idea’ is an understatement because it was actually a stroke of sheer brilliance which came from our very own creative designer, Mandy.


<p >From Left to Right – Thesis(in the making) and Mandy <p > <p > <p > <p >For about a span of 5 Days, co-workers passed by looking at Mandy as if he was painting the wall with ambiguous figures. From the first day, to the next day and the next the excitement kept building up, until their came a day, when we saw her, in full form.


<p > <p > <p > <p > <p >And now, it is hard to pass by without a glance. In fact we know of some who come to hall under the garb of getting some coffee or playing pool, but what they really want to do is take a glance at her, in the hope that she may open her beautiful eyes and say those magical words-


<p >Yep, the beauty of Thesis doesn’t lie in her voluptuous hair, or her eyes, or the way she seems to be gliding farther and farther away from you, but in her maker, her creator- <p >Thank you Mandy:)


<p > Thesis (Greek θέσις Thesis) is a Primordial Goddess of Creation.

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