Adwords Keyword Research Tool and a whole lot of randomness

I was using the new Adwords Keyword Research Tool for a keyword research and here is a small example on how it added a whole lot of random stuff to my research.

A search on the keyword ‘Goa’ (a tourist destination in India) shows up keywords like Sanjay Leela Bhansali (a popular movie director in India) and Futurama Leela (a cartoon character) just because ‘The Leela’ is a hotel in Goa. Explore the features of the tool further and you find ‘Goa India’ as a possible negative keyword suggestion.

The features they have added to the tool like cost and position estimates, global search volumes, possible negative keywords and keyword popularity have good thought behind them but the algo that churns out the data doesn’t seem to be the most advanced as yet.

I have been a big Adwords fan over the years and have seen it evolve into not only ‘The Most Efficient’ ad management software but also one of the best web applications there is. This tool however still leaves a lot to desire. I hope there is a better version of it being
currently worked on in the Google Labs.

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