Does your Apple Machine have the iOS 6.1 Software Update Yet?

iOS 6.1 Software Update iOS 6.1 Software Update

The iOS 6.1 software update is out and you can now upgrade your Apple Machine with a few novelties introduced. The relatively minor update allows users to purchase movie tickets with Siri using Fandango in the United States.

It also announces LTE support for more carriers allowing users to browse the web at blazing fast speed, that includes all sorts of downloads and content streaming. Apple also has a page where you can find out if your iPhone works with the LTE networks in your country.

Along with this, the iOS 6.1 software update allows iTunes Match subscribers to download songs individually from iCloud. The update also has a new button, very useful, to reset the Advertising Identifier. The software update is implementable on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV users.

Apple is one powerhouse that never lets its users re-think their buying decisions and keeps offering them updates on latest technology as per their machine requirement. So, if there is anything at all that you think is not up-to-date on your Apple Machine, you don’t have to wait long. Because Apple will roll out an update soon that answers your questions! With such intuitive genius, the brand is surely the apple of the eye for i-fans.

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