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India Poised – Our time is now!

Ladies and Gentlemen – Elvis has left the buildin...

Danny Sullivan is leaving Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies. The creator of the two most popular brands of our industry is not going to be leading them any

CueBlocks is hiring!!

Just came out of a strategy meeting and by the end of the meeting it was pretty evident that CueBlocks is growing fast and needs intelligent, efficient and amazing people

How long is a startup a startup?

Jason from 37Signals brought up a very interesting question on their official blog recently: This is what he had to say: “We’re grateful for the press we’re getting. However, there’s

No more waiting for Google Analytics and Writely

Just a small update for peope who are not so regular with the Google Blog. Google Analytics (Web Analytics Software) and Writely (Online Word Processor) is now available without invitation

Adwords Keyword Research Tool and a whole lot of random...

I was using the new Adwords Keyword Research Tool for a keyword research and here is a small example on how it added a whole lot of random stuff to

Still Hungry…

About the title.. I’ll let the pictures do the talking here. We realized later that inviting Rahul over for lunch was a big mistake. On a more serious note our

Google releases ad scheduling

Google added one of the most awaited features to its Adwords program yesterday. Ad scheduling advanced campaign management feature allows you to determine when and when not your ads run.

It's the Government's turn now

This just in from Google: -- Want to find those IRS forms to get in your taxes on time? Need to figure out where to send your DMV fees, or

To growth and evolution!!!

Finally the buggers are outaa my house!! :-) Well people here is some great news from CueBlocks. Our headquarter has moved base to: SCO 822, 2nd Floor NAC, Manimajra. Chandigarh