Bush comes to India

Draft budget is out and while the country’s a buzz with opinions on that, George W. Bush comes visiting India that is mixed in its reaction to, as Deb Riechmann from The Associates Press puts, a visit from ‘a global bully and a loyal friend‘, United States.

Its interesting that as we read about the shortage of power affecting our economy, Bush is coming to discuss, and more or less decide for us, whether we get to use nuclear power for domestic use or not.

Andy Mukherjee from Bloomberg (quote):

The Indian Finance Ministry set up the plot in its annual economic assessment this week: In the current fiscal year ending March 31, goods and services worth $68 billion haven’t been produced because power has been unavailable. That works out to be 9.3 percent of India’s gross domestic product.

These are going to be three very eventful days for India and the US. Its a game of give and take for the super power – question is, how much are we ready to give for what we want?

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