Carrom genius who?


Here’s a quick update on the Carrom scores:

27th May was a turning point in Sarthak’s carrom career as he lost by a huuuuuge margin to our new champion for that day, AVNEET! 🙂

27th May also saw Harveen perform exceptionally well.

The following days have not been that good for Avneet, but Pancham showed a lot of improvement in his game which made Sarthak very nervous.

However, since our algo also takes into account past performance, the new scores look like this:

Sarthak – 700 (genius??)
Avneet – 699
Pancham – 300
Harveen – 250
Sheetal – 0 (She is competing for Rahul’s rank!)
Rahul – outstanding player

The CueBlocks Sports Dept.

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