CueBlocks @ DevFestX in Pictures

The GTUG DevFestX held at Gurgaon was an amazing experience! So when our very own Android developer, Aman Alam came back and shared it with us, we had to share it with you all.

From the energy to the ambiance these pictures tell you a lot if not all.

CueBlocks at DevFestX in Pictures

The DevFestX Ambiance


CueBlocks Team at DevFestX

Sharp Minds at Work


CueBlocks Team Brainstorming at DevFestX

Android Developer, Aman Alam


DevFestX Presentation by Cueblocks

Aman’s Presentation


GTUG played a great host and we like to congratulate them on the successful culmination of the 2012 DevFestX and a hearty thanks from CueBlocks for such a warm welcome!

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