CueBlocks Ids & Stickers – It's All About Us!

Creating a memory is easy but leaving it behind isn’t. While CueBlocks is pretty good at creating some everlasting ones, somehow the memorabilia part always gets left behind. Not anymore, because now each cuebie has a unique id and loads of CueBlocks stickers to flaunt and stick-on!

CueBlocks ID Cards

The ids are not just unique (as in person) but in design too. On one side of the id is the picture and on the reverse is the sketch – result – totally awesome!

If you think the ids are enough to add to our swagger then wait till you’ve seen the CueBlocks stickers. You can do with the picture until you spot one on cars, motorbikes or laptops. And when you do come across one, you’ll know it’s a cubie riding past. 🙂

CueBlocks Stickers

My favorite sticker of all reads – ‘I am CueBlocks‘.

How’s that for memorabilia?

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