CueBlocks is hiring!!

Just came out of a strategy meeting and by the end of the meeting it was pretty evident that CueBlocks is growing fast and needs intelligent, efficient and amazing people to keep up with the growth.

So we are looking for the following as an immediate requirement:

a. Web Development: Strong grounding and experience in CSS. Exposure to designing tools and languages like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Javascript/PHP and XML.

b. Copywriter: Content writer who enjoys writing and can weave a spell with the written word.

c. Internet Marketing team member: Strong communication, analytical and management skills. Good working knowledge of Internet.

Of course everyone at CueBlocks doubles up for a miscellaneous job role.

Currently we all double up as:

Avneet – The best Richochet Robot player at Cue-space and hard trier at Table Tennis. Still a long way to go there though.
Sarthak – Just a cool guy over all. Can double up as anything that requires skill 🙂
Pancham – Martial Arts Instructor/Bouncer
Sheetal – Extraordinary Singer
Harveen – Well, her mom makes excellent food 🙂

Additional skills that are most important on our list right now are:
– Bar Tending
– Cooking
– Computer Networking Skills
– Holiday Planning
– Table Tennis Instructor

Any of these would of course be an added advantage.

Please send us your resume at if you are interested. For those who are happy with their current jobs, please spread the word around – you can contact us for goodies later – 🙂

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