CueBlocks Presents Customer Demographics Reporting Magento extension


CueBlocks presents the Customer Demographics Reporting Extension, using which you can create customer reports in Magento by order date, the product bought and even by the category they shopped in.

With the Customer Demographics Reporting Extension, you can now collect essential stats of your customers and use that information to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Use this Customer Reporting Magento extension to save essential demographics of your customers who:
– Buy specific products
– Shop in specific categories on your online store
– Shop on particular dates or shopping seasons

Priced at just $39, you can use this customer reporting extension to find out this useful information about your customers and the purchases they make.

Armed with this information, you can create customized offers for your customers and tailor-made campaigns that they will love.

The Customer Demographic Reporting Extension is available at Magento Connect:

Check it out and let us know how useful are the features and functionality!

For more details and information, contact us at:

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