Custom Order ID Extension For Magento 2

Custom Order ID Extension

Do you want more control over your eCommerce store’s backend? Start with custom formatting backend functionalities. The Custom Order ID extension for Magento 2 lets the admin user customize default or preset sale entities into a unique and more understandable format in the backend. The sale identifiers that can be modified, once the extension is installed are:

  • Order ID
  • Invoice ID
  • Credit Memo ID
  • Shipment ID

The extension enables the store owner to configure either all or some of the fields as per their preference. The Custom Magento format can be changed for ‘All Store Views’ or just a particular store view. You can also create unique IDs that can even include seconds, minutes and hours of the purchase and orders.

The Custom Order ID extension is available at the Magento marketplace and at our very own Cue Store. Purchase this extension to empower your store with an admin tool that not just enhances core functionality but lets you manage your work in a way that is distinctly yours!

Know more about the extension here and get in touch with us at for any query or information regarding the extension.

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