Finally it's a reality

The carrom board ranking algorithm is now a reality. Thanks to the mathematical genious of our team.

The CueBlocks Carrom Rankings are a sophisticated moving average. Players are rated on a scale of 0 to 1000 points. If a player’s performance is improving on his past record, his points increase; if his performance is declining his points will go down.

The value of each player’s performance within a match is calculated using an algorithm, a series of calculations (all pre-programmed) based on various circumstances in the match.

All of the calculations are carried out using pre-programmed formulae, using the information published in a scorecard. There is no human intervention in this calculation process, and no subjective assessment is made of the quality of the pitch or of the players.

The players’ ratings are calculated by combining their weighted performance in the latest match with their previous rating. This new ‘weighted average’ is then converted into points. Recent performances have more impact on a player’s rating than those earlier in his career, but all his performances are taken into account. A great player who has had a lean run of form will still have a respectable rating.

For those of who, who do not know about carrom please visit
The ranking based on our new algo are as follows:

  1. Sarthak: 999 (Even Genius has room for improvement)
  2. Avneet: 324
  3. Sagar: 123
  4. Sheetal: 0
  5. Pancham -345 (I know our system does not allow it but he managed it somehow :-))
  6. Rahul: Outstanding player

These ranking will be updated every week.

The CueBlocks Sports Dept.

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