GeoChirp version 1.1 is out!

Thank you for waiting patiently while we updated, the Twitter and Google maps mashup tool so that it can continue to let you search for geo-located tweets of your interest. version 1.1 uses Google Map v3 and Twitter REST API v1.1. Given the requirements of Twitter API, you will be able to see the resulting tweets once you authenticate the application and are logged into your Twitter account.

We’ve tried to keep all the features intact while giving it a slight facelift to meet the API requirements and make it a tad cleaner 🙂

We are also excited about the upcoming updates to the GeoChirp iPhone app! Launching soon, the newer version of Twitter-Google maps mashup iPhone app will give you the geo-located tweets in your palm! So we request you to hold off on the downloads for a bit. 😉

We hope you continue to use GeoChirp and please feel free to contact us with your feedback. We truly appreciate it!

GeoChirp Team

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