GeoChirpr 2.0 Now Available On iTunes!

As promised, we have launched the newly updated Geochirpr 2.0 iPhone app with new features. The Twitter and Google Maps mashup app for iOS lets you search trending topics, twitter users and tweets within 5 to 60 mile radius of any geo-location in the world using your iPhone.

You can tweet, untweet, retweet just the way you have been doing it until now by using the twitter application. But now you can do it within a geo-locally selected area.

GeoChirpr iPhone App

New Features in Geochirpr 2.0:

• All new simplified and intuitive UI

• Powered by Twitter API V1.1

• Designed for iPhone 5C and 5S and compatible with iOS7

• Auto-suggestion enabled for city search functionality

Geochirpr uses the Twitter Public API and hence the content of themes and trends are independent of the authority of the app and may not be appropriate for users under 17 years of age.

It’s free and a great, useful app for people to get real time updates in a particular locale!

Just tap to get started and have fun geo-tweeting.

Email us for feedback, suggestions or other information at:

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