Goodies from Matt Cutts – Videos with Search Engine advice

With the launch of Google Videos, Matt Cutts has put up some short videos (3 to 10 minutes) on his blog over the past month. For those who haven’t seen them before, following are the links of some of them for a quick view. Now we can watch Matt Cutts answering questions people ask him.

  • Matt Cutts on Cloaking and Dynamic & Static URLs.
  • Should you make a website with focus on SEO or End User? Also talks about cleanliness of code, w3c, accessibility and validation.
  • This is a good one on Google Terminology. Throws light on the difference between data refresh, algo update and index update. Matt gives a analogy of a car in order to explain these. Also talks about Everflux, the June 27th and July 27th data refreshes.
  • How to structure your website.
  • Matt Cutts on Data Centers. Talks about load balancing, scheduling and wraps it up with an advice to spend more time in improving the content on your site rather than chasing and trying to make sense of what the data centers serve 🙂

There are a couple of more good videos touching upon topics like SEO Myths, reinclusion requests, qualities of a good site, etc. You can see the links to these videos at Matt Cutts’ Blog. Happy viewing!

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