Google PR update April 2007 currently underway!

Google seems to be carrying out PageRank (PR) update near the end of April 2007 now. Several of our sites have picked up PR. has moved up to PR of 4 now from the earlier value of 3. A good friend called up to inform me about this.

Despite it’s dwindling importance in Google’s algorithm, the event still does not fail to attract a lot of attention. The Search Engine Marketing community, for many years now, has been terming PageRank’s importance to be only of “entertainment value” – a fall from it’s yester years of glory. It’ll be a good idea to let the PR update settle in and be reflected in all data centers before either congratulating yourself or sulking.

For those who are new to this industry and are probably confusing PageRank (PR) with actual ranking of their website in Google Search Engine Result Page’s (SERP’s), please take a few minutes to go through the following links:

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