Google's indexing woes continue – BigDaddy et al

Of late have you witnessed your website or your client’s website having problems in particularly getting picked up by Google? Have you checked all you coding, site programming, robots.txt, robots meta tag, 302 and other redirects, duplication, quality of out going links,any search engine unfriendly structure parameters which might have crept in and have also tried the age old advice of being “Patient” but still haven’t had much success in identifying the real problem and why Google is treating their site with so much disdain? Well the only good news is that you are not the only one and many websites are undergoing the same plight.

Webmasters and site owners have been talking for the past few months on how Google is giving step motherly treatment to their websites and not picking up new webpages of their sites or showing some very old Google Cache history.

Some of the symptoms cited include:

a. Sites are not being crawled for weeks.
b. Google SERPs returning old pages.
c. Site not appearing in Google for previously high ranking keywords.
d. Drop and fluctuation in the number of indexed pages.

We have studied and compiled a list of some useful articles and threads from forums which throw some light on this. We hope that these would help in understanding the nature of the problem and possible solutions.

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