Google's Searchmash is live – Google SERPs with Images & some cool tricks

Google had registered the domain on 13th September 06 and have made it live now. Using old google data, it seems to be a testing environment for some interesting changes Google seems to be thinking of bringing in the SERPs. Some interesting use of Ajax on the site.

Some of the features listed on SearchMash are:
– Start typing! You don’t have to have your cursor in the search box to start typing your query.
– URL menu! Click the green URL of a web result to open a menu of options for viewing the URL or refining your query.
– Image results panel You can see the top three image results next to your web results.
– Reorder results Click the number next to a result and drag it around to reorder. This is just for fun right now, but we have some ideas for how to use this.
– More results bar Click the “more results” bar at the bottom of the page (or hit the space bar) to load more results and automatically scroll down to view them.

It would be worth seeing what Google eventually does with SearchMash.

A search on “CueBlocks” shows some of the images of the CueBlocks team playing carrom – taken from our blog posting many months back. 🙂

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