Homepage usability

I recently read Is Your Homepage Immature? by Indi Young from Adaptive Path and tagged it.

She’s made examples of Johnson & Johnson and Qualcomm websites and shared some tips on designing a website homepage that is concise, neat and mature.

Designing a suitable homepage has been the biggest challenge for us since we’re into four very diverse fields of Internet Marketing, Education, CSR and Offshore setups. For us all these fields mix very well and complement each other but representing the same on the company homepage was an interesting challenge.

Since the site’s reboot is scheduled for November 1st, we’ve been busy shaping the current ‘welcome’ page into a meaningful source of information for our visitors.

Nonetheless, our homepage design is still secondary to the navigational structure. A site that is easy to navigate and fast to load has more loyal customers than a website with a beautiful homepage and links that are confusing or pages that take too long to load. Many sites use icons and give no alternate text for links which can be a frustrating experience for visitors not accustomed to icons.

Indi’s article is a must read for all webmasters.

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