Krugle – The new Search Engine for Coders & Open Source

It seems that the next big search engine wave would be highly focused and niche search engines. Krugle is another such new entrant in the vertical of Programming code and Open Source.

The CEO of Krugle says “We are the Google for programming code.”

Some of the highlights of Krugle which we were able to find find their site:

– Expected date of launch – End of February 06.
– Index would cover 100 million webpages comprising mostly of high quality technical pages for professional programmers.
– Co Founders: Steve Larsen (CTO) & Ken Krugler (CEO)
– It’s value proposition and differentiator from other the other Open Source search engines like Koders and CodeFetch is that it
allows developers to not only find find code related information but also annotate code and documentation, save SERPs and create bookmarks in it’s web application.
– Source of revenue – Just like most of the search engines, the primary source of revenues would be advertising on it’s SERPs.
– It is also working on a enterprise edition (by 2007) to facilitate code sharing within companies.

Krugle will make it easier to reuse program components amongst the programming community. It would be interesting to see how they find their way around the various licensing issues that apply to some open source code.

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