Let Chatur guide you through the midweek blues!


Here is Chatur, our lazy precious office pet, doing what he does best – chilling! Chatur likes to snooze around on desks, bean bags and absolutely anywhere his majesty deems fit. Giving us all major cuteness goals throughout the day, he’s truly everyone’s inspiration in the office on how to live without a single worry!

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One Response to Let Chatur guide you through the midweek blues!

  1. Urmila Nayak says:

    Chatur and Carlos are the best team member of your company who may always keeps you smile and in light mood with their presence and their naughty moves. Love to meet them once. They are really so cute..
    and ofcourse can’t stop myself saying that your company is outstanding in terms of office culture and atmosphere as shown in your website, the positive vibes can be seen in everybody faces.

    Good Luck..!
    and love to chatur and carlos… : )