Memize! – new iPhone App by CueBlocks

home_img_thumb The art and method of memorizing stuff just got easier with CueBlocks’ latest iPhone App – Memize!
Just swipe and tap to start memorizing in a fun way!

This new and simple-to-use application brings the old school yet sure-shot way of memorizing information on your iPhone! Create flash cards to memorize paired information that can be put on the front and back of each card. From language translations (e.g. English – Spanish), geographical facts (e.g. countries, capitals, currencies) to historical events with dates and beyond – you can use flash cards to remember it all!

Memize! in Apple Store

All cards are organized into decks as you would keep them in the shelf. There’s also an option to make the card appear less frequently (marking it as ‘remembered’) in shuffling mode, randomly drawing next card from the deck.

You can learn how to use Memize! through simple walkthrough.

And oh yes, it’s for free :)!

For any information, questions or your stories on how Memize! helped you with your memorizing, contact us at

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