My first day at Cueblocks!

Jan 8th 2007 – Hi, This is Anurag here.

I joined Cueblocks on this very day. As usual, I was excited about my first day over here though I already knew a lot about the company’s environment and people here through one of my friend Ashwani who joined Cueblocks a month earlier than me.

As expected the environment was cool and comfortable. The workplace had an eye-catching ambience. People were nice and supportive. Help was there all around and it was good being part of Cueblocks team from the day one.

Today after spending near about 2 months in Cueblocks, I have grasped a lot of new things related to my field and learnt a lot. Hope to work on many more new things and learn much more in coming future. Wishing you all a happy and successful life !

About me:
My hobbies & interests include reading computer magazines & newspapers, playing badminton, surfing net etc.

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