New Blog Search Engine – Sphere launched

Sphere is a new entrant in the list of growing search engines for Blogs. With around 30 million blogs on the web and growing fast, Sphere aims to make a mark due to their superior algorithm which focuses on more relevant results.

According to Sphere, ranking parameters of the blogs would be based on an algorithm which considers the following parameters:

a. Ecology of relationships between blogs (links and weightage of links)
b. Metadata of the blog
c. Frequency of the posting on the blogs
d. Length of the blogs
e. Contextual matching

The algorithm seems to be edging towards evaluating parameters that Search Engines like Google factor in ranking webpages.

Sometimes one wonders if there are too many blog search engines already there. How many would succeed and provide superior service consistently? As long as the new search engines keep coming with superior technology and usability, loyalties would shift – preferring the platform that provides superior user experience (relevant results, speed, coverage, usability).

Google is probably the best example here. It sure wasn’t the first search engine, but has continued to enjoy the top position due to a better technology.

Whether Sphere goes the Google way or becomes just another Blog search engine needs to be seen.

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