Optimizing WordPress for Google

On his recent appearance at WordPress WordCamp, Matt Cutts shared how wordpress blog can be made more search engine friendly. Apart from promoting the use of SEO Title Plugin, Matt also encouraged the use of alt tags for photos.

And some good news for websites using underscores – Google will soon start treating underscores (_) as word separators just like hyphens (-). (here’s what Matt had to say about dashes vs. underscores earlier.)
And if anyone earlier thought that page extension mattered in SEO, Matt clarified it doesn’t when it comes to rankings. Neither does Google care about the number of slashes in the URL anymore.

Dynamically generated URLs can have quite a number of slashes if the post is embedded in a sub-sub category somewhere. So this is good news. Question is, no limit? really? So, what happens to

abc.com/real-estate/florida_orlando/real-estate-information/articles/home-for-sale/ in-orlando/contact/realtor-in-florida_orlando/23/445/

this can’t really be right.

You can also get yourself in the news by getting the post to be published in multiple blogs and by multiple authors.


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