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This is probably a very good example of why you need to have a well managed PPC program. I saw the link to dumb PPC ads on Stundubl and just had to share it here.

If you are a PPC Vs. SEO person, both Stundubl’s and Brad’s blog entries are a fun read.

Here are my favs:

Why SEO is better than PPC – No bid wars, and crappy sites don’t cost you
Why PPC is better than SEO – You optimize a page for conversions, not search engines
A few more more reasons why I think SEO is better than PPC

– You DON’T have to worry about Click Fraud
– You DON’T have to pay for just visitors
– You make your website accessible to humans and search engines alike and thus make the WEB a better place

Why PPC is better?

– You DON’T have to worry about algo change
– You DON’T have to worry about three way linking or any kind of linking
– You deploy good usability to attract and promote the site, discouraging the need for directories created solely for the purpose of linking and make WEB a better place.

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