Tips on How Not to Get Hired!

Yup! You read it right!

There has been a lot said and done on how to make an impression for an upcoming interview….with hundreds of websites, books and articles that talk about thousand other ways to get through the interview process. I decided to do things a little differently and give out tips on HOW NOT TO GET HIRED!!

Sending the cover letter?? Make sure you sound too desperate for a change in job and that your world would come to an end if they didn’t hire you.

Have a great academic back ground?? Go on, boast about it. If you don’t have one- Tell them you have been too busy thinking what went wrong that you didn’t have a great academic background!!

Professional work experience – Did you work for the giants in the industry?? Did you get multiple incentives?? Promotions?? Fill the pages of your cover letter and let the hiring manager know you are the BEST EVER!!
If not, tell the prospective employer that you have just been waiting for an opportunity with them and you are sure that the wait has been worth it!!

Ok, now that your CV is ready and the cover letter has been taken care of, make sure you cc it, not bcc, cc, to multiple companies. Wait a few minutes and resend, just to make sure the employer gets it if they missed the first one.

Wait till the evening, then send an email or call and ask if the employer received your profile.

Ask them if your interview has been scheduled already ??

If you don’t receive a reply drop in to the office (of course, if the employer location is local!), and let them know you were expecting a reply. There is a high possibility they will take the initial screening interview then and there. If not, don’t forget to leave your visiting card at the front office!

What to do if your luck outshines and you get a call for the interview: [wow! :)]

1.    Do not wish to apply for a leave at your current workplace? Ask the prospective employer to reschedule the interview as you will be out of station on a business trip, or better is to call one hour prior to the interview and tell the hiring manager that you are unwell and can’t make it to the interview. You also have the option to not inform your unavailability for the interview at all and walk in to their office the day you feel is the perfect day for you to get interviewed.

2.    Be an hour late. Tell them you were stuck in a traffic jam. Your meeting with them is important and they should value it, even if you are late by an hour!

3.    When asked for a self introduction – tell them about you mother, father, their jobs, your siblings, your residence, your native place etc., etc.

4.    When asked about your abilities, make sure you tell them that you don’t like to be self pompous!

5.    Make sure you settle the salary and other benefits that the prospective employer wishes to offer you against your services before the clichéd line that all hiring resource persons love to say when they wish to discontinue the interview “THANKS FOR YOUR TIME, WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU!!”

6.    Be bold to ask them the time they require to get back to you, make sure you ask them to recheck the contact numbers on your cv.

Now sit back, relax and wait for your offer letter!! Or not…after all here we are telling you about how not to get hired!

Ok on a serious note, these are not anecdotes, these are just a few faux pases that we came across at the time of hiring. I am sure if you focus on these more than getting confused with the thousand other answers to how to cakewalk the interview…it will be a sure shot hit!! If not, at least you know what you can afford to avoid.

Looking for a change in your current job? You either have strong reasons to support your decision for the change or you are just trying your luck. Well, if its scenario one, there will certainly be some amount of seriousness involved… let’s start with the cover letter, are you sure your cover letter speaks what you intend to tell the prospective hiring person?? Be specific with details and your intention of approaching the XYZ employer.

Don’t sound desperate for a change in job. Let your CV speak of your credentials and work experience. Pushing too many bold statements and reasons why should you be considered is still a highly debatable issue, it is safe to be genuine and only highlight your unique abilities and achievements in support of the position that you are applying for. AVOID using statements like I am the best !! Let the prospective hiring person take care of the decision whether to consider the application or not!!

Nervousness associated with meeting the prospective employer is understood. One small tip – go on and just be your self!

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