Top 9 Principles of Link Building

Google is coming down strongly on websites using paid link programs. Although this refers to the participation in link ads without “nofollow” links, we should consider what good link building is today.

For search engines to treat you worthy of top ten placements, good inbound links are a requirement because these “votes” make you popular. But it is not JUST the volume, but the authority of these inbound links, that make the difference. Search engines evaluate a website based on how useful it is to the end user – the SE surfer. Thus, it is important for SEs to know if you are directing web visitors to industry related websites as well or not. They are also looking for common threads that binds the site to link to and your own.

Here are 9 Link Building Principles that are really simple steps you should take to get more inbound links and get into SE good books.

1. Include the TITLE of your link text (read ‘anchor text’) in the title of the page that you are linking to.
2. Try and impress high PAGE RANK websites or webpages (usually, high PR means an authoritative page) so that              they want to link to you.
3. Submit your website to industry related DIRECTORIES.
4. Participate in your industry related forums – leave COMMENTS on industries related BLOGS. Please DO NOT                Spam. Do this only if you have something intelligent to say.
5. Join and participate in SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES and build your network (read “traffic source”!).
7. Write good ARTICLES.
8. Participate in your industry related FORUMS & DISCUSSION BOARDS.
9. SOCIAL BOOK MARKING. This serves two purposes – it gets you incoming links and it popularizes your website in your community.

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