Web Accessibility Matters

With the recent news about Target Corp getting sued over web accessibility, webmasters are relooking at their websites and taking web accessibility standards a little more seriously.

Long long time ago (Year 2005 is a long time ago when counting web years), we wrote an article on Web Accessibility and Why it Matters. It covers simple steps of making the site accessible and the reasons why we should do so.

In an attempt to impress SEO, many webmasters end up focusing only on making the site SEO friendly and not user-friendly.

A well designed and accessible website takes care of search engines and humans alike!

Then why not add proper alt text to images, allows users to operate the website with a keyboard alone, give proper headings, use informative anchor texts and look for image map alternatives?

The problem is that usually website owners don’t know about these requirements and the companies they hire don’t inform them. We need web development and design companies to be more responsible and the website owners to be more informed.

Have a website that needs to be made Web Accessible? Contact us now!

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