Writing In Limits

“The best writers say the most with the fewest words; the worst say the least with the most words.”  – Tarl Roger Kudrick

There goes another quote on writing less. Time and again, writers have emphasized on the greatness of adages and aphorisms. And was that clairvoyant or what! The age has finally come where few words make all the difference. The age we are living through , tweet after tweet. Still don’t get it? Well next time you try and squeeze your bizarre adventure into a 140 character length twitter update, you will know exactly what we mean.

The New York Times has already acknowledged it and even prompted inclusion of the art of writing less but intelligent in formal writing courses: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/20/opinion/20selsberg.html?_r=1

And why must a Copywriter Care
Unless you’re planning to abandon the ship, you would not want to kiss your word-driven career goodbye, right? For any forward-looking copywriter it’s time to give rhetoric a backseat and welcome eloquence and precision in your writing style. You will need it especially when you weave your magic with:

Twitter Updates
FaceBook Feeds
Comments or may be your next text message.

Too cut the long story short lest we start crushing our own soldiers in war, write Short, Smart, Simple& (of course!) Social.

P.S – For starting out you may want to revisit Pope and his gang’s heroic couplets – surely the Romantics couldn’t have come up with something like:
True wit is nature to advantage dressed,
what oft was thought but, ne’er so well expressed

There, only 92 characters. 🙂

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