YouTube Reaches 1 Billion Users, Talks About Generation C

YouTube and Generation C

Social media, with each passing day is getting bigger and better. And it’s not just the youngsters who embrace the various platforms but all other age groups are also now addicted to the social mayhem. So what is it that keeps them getting stronger and populated?

YouTube recently reached ‘1 billion users’. Though Facebook which also started functioning in 2006 had attained the milestone in October 2012 itself. But YouTube is different. It is all visual. It is all about videos and all sorts of videos. When you are online, you are bound to reach YouTube directly or indirectly. You either just switch in to watch a video or a link takes you to YouTube for the same, And you can’t escape the fact that when it’s ‘Google’ for search, it is ‘YouTube’ for videos.

Recently in one of their blog posts, YouTube talked about Generation C and various mobile devices. Now the Generation C are the curators who have grown up consuming content from everywhere on the web, including YouTube, on different mobile devices. This Generation is well versed with technology and they constantly switch between devices to mug up content in all forms, videos too.

YouTube has even gone out to say that Generation C is their core audience and are using YouTube from all mobile platforms. Generation C knows how to find YouTube content perpetually for its optimum use.

With various mobile devices and a higher population of Generation C, YouTube need not worry about users and growth until some social media revolution!

Read in detail about how YouTube sees Generation C at:

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