Zippy! Meta Search Engine by David Naylor

Ok I’m a bit late – but I didn’t want to be too early either! 😉

If you haven’t heard of youtube and if you haven’t heard Raj Kumar singing the famous song, you’ll miss the joke.

Anyways, the post is about Zippy – the new Meta Search engine on the block that you would like to digg.

You go to ‘About Zippy’ and you’ll get the very matter of fact statement (yes – I was looking for content I could just copy paste here about Zippy.) – it gives search results from our fav search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN and ALSO Alexa, Technorati and the Archive!

Check it for yourself!

I can spend my whole day playing with Zippy!

Something about David:

David went on to consult for a wide variety of online businesses from Corporations to off-shore Pharmaceutical companies, Retail outlets to Large Portals. His techniques range from clean white hat SEO to black hat SEO depending on the techniques needed for success. A few years ago David entered into the affiliate wars. Today David is a major contributor in the affiliate arena.

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