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How CueBlocks’ Google Shopping Campaigns have been delivering consistent results for Betty and Biddy.

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Increase in traffic


Increase in conversions


Increase in revenue

NOTE: Comparing the results of Google Shopping Engine from November 2017 to September 2020

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Betty and Biddy is an online store that carries a wide range of fast fashion jewelry - from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings to pendants, and more. They knew that to succeed in this uber-competitive market of fashion jewelry you have to be as hard as a jewel and twice as bright.

They partnered with CueBlocks in 2017 to start Google Shopping Campaigns. Increased Revenue, more traffic, higher engagement:
It’s been all that and more since then.

Bitty-biddy Approach

Our Approach

Unlike several other advertising channels, Google Shopping Engine ads are supported by product pictures, prices, and reviews (if any). To add to this, they allow the user to compare the product pricing and reviews with others instantly. Hence, these ads become a great source of relevant traffic for stores with quality products.

Not only this, as the traffic is usually highly relevant, there are more chances of conversion. Data Feed Optimization (DFO) is very important to dominate the competition on the Google Shopping Engine.

The ever-growing demand for fast-jewelry online opened the doors of opportunity for Betty and Biddy. Nowadays, people prefer shopping on their mobile phones from the comfort of their homes than actually visiting the stores. Therefore, It was a point of paramount significance that every potential customer should be able to locate Betty and Biddy’s products on the top of the Search Engine with ease.

The Google Shopping Engine is how a majority of users search the web. Supplying optimized product data feeds to Google Shopping Engine can help online retailers grow by generating sterling traffic and revenue.

By including all the requirements of the Google Shopping Engine and updating the feed whenever there is a price change, a product goes out of stock, or a new product is added to the site.

Bitty-biddy challanges


This project brought a lot of Google Shopping Engine challenges in our way that we combated with the team’s expertise and extensive knowledge.
The goal was to manage the data feed of products for better performance and to achieve this we had to:

  • Bitty-biddy listing Promote individual products while comparing prices with the competitors.
  • Bitty-biddy listing Promote individual products by ranking them on product search.
  • Bitty-biddy listing Reach a larger audience through Google Shopping Engine.

To increase the traffic on Betty and Biddy’s website, our priority was to feed product information to the Shopping Engine for a comprehensive approach. To ensure that each product is in the right place for the right consumer we reviewed product catalogs, configured fields, created custom attributes, specific titles, meta descriptions, and ensured proper categorization.

Need help with your eCommerce store

Please share your requirements in detail


Fast forward three years and the collaboration is still going strong. Over the past three years, the overall traffic has increased by 1607.77%, conversions by 1772.00%, and revenue by 1699.02%. Betty and Biddy are still taking a shine to the results we have achieved.

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CueBlocks never cease to amaze me with their infinite knowledge and understanding of every corner of the online sphere.

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