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How CueBlocks Helped Dr. B Dental Solutions Achieve a Whopping 215% Revenue Growth with Google Shopping Ads

AllThatGrows Achieves 2.97x ROAS & 500+ Conversions


Dr. B Dental Solutions, founded by Dr. Lorin Berland, is a company focusing on oral appliance issues like oral infections and dry mouth. Dr. Berland, fondly called Dr. B, is a published author with over 100 articles, the Lorin Library Smile Style Guide, and instructional videos. He has developed a full line of dental solutions for patients.

Dr. B and his team wanted to enhance their online sales and reach more customers. To achieve this, they turned to Google Shopping - a powerful advertising platform. With CueBlocks, they were able to showcase their dental products to a wider audience and drive more sales.


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Revenue Growth


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


To start, we analyzed Dr. B Dental Solutions' products and product information on their website. This helped us understand their offerings and make recommendations wherever deemed necessary.

  1. Their website did not state that they were offering free shipping, such as "Free shipping on orders over $70."
  2. We also noticed discrepancies in shipping costs between the cart page and the shipping policy page on the website.
  3. A recommendation was provided to showcase the offer prominently in the top header of the site.
  4. No coupon was mentioned on the website. We created a promo feed and emphasized the 15% off coupon to customers through the shopping listing ads.
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We collaborated with Dr. B Dental Solutions to fine-tune the targeting strategy, ensuring that we covered all the important aspects and potential testing opportunities.

  1. Product-specific keywords helped us improve the feed optimization procedure.
  2. For our shopping endeavors, we launched conventional shopping campaigns.
  3. In order to achieve better results, we modified the targeting strategy and implemented a PMax campaign strategy.
  4. We divided the campaign into two separate, customized campaigns to further improve the targeting.
  5. We created distinct campaigns for each after classifying products into high and low-performing segments.
  6. We distributed budgets to campaigns based on their individual performances in order to maximize efficiency.
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Our Process

CueBlocks started the shopping campaign for Dr. B on November 21, 2022. We created a feed and set up Dr. B's Google Merchant Center account. Once the initial setup was completed, the campaign started performing in December 2022.


CueBlocks recognizes the potential of Google Shopping, and so we advised Dr. B Dental Solutions to invest part of their marketing budget into running Google Shopping Campaigns. This strategic move allowed them to take advantage of the platform's ability to connect with customers directly within search results.


Once the targeting strategy was defined, we created a feed based on Google's specifications. The feed included all the necessary information about their products and served as a foundation for the campaign. We worked closely with Dr. B Dental Solutions to ensure the feed was accurate and functional within their Google Ads Account.


With the feed in place, we began setting up the Google Shopping Campaign Targeting. This involved implementing different targeting methods to find relevant traffic at the lowest cost.


We aimed to continuously optimize the campaign by adapting to changes in product range, trends, and seasons. This included refining targeting parameters, utilizing promotions, managing bids and budgets, and striving for ongoing improvements.


The campaigns successfully increased clicks, impressions, orders, and revenue while maintaining a stable CPC (Cost Per Click). Dr. B Dental Solutions achieved a favorable ROAS, indicating the effectiveness of their advertising investment.

More Clicks and Engagement:

  • July 2023 had the most clicks.
  • From December 2022 to July 2023, clicks grew by 31%.

Getting Noticed:

  • Impressions increased by 44.4% between May 2023 and July 2023.

Consistent Interest:

  • An average of 1,913 clicks per month.

Better Conversions:

  • In May 2023, the conversion rate was 6.08%.

Great Orders and Revenue:

  • A record 118 orders were placed in June 2023, with a monthly average of 71 that year.
  • June saw the highest revenue between December 22 and June 23.

The campaign performance has been stable and the client has seen favorable returns on their investment.

NOTE: The above analysis is based on the performance data for Google Shopping campaigns between December 2022 and June 2023.

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