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How merging revenue-driven blog posts lead to 106.94% increase in organic sessions for

PetDoors stocks one of the world's largest selections of built-to-last, weather-tight pet doors. The company already has 500,000 pet owners on board, providing the most suitable door for dogs & cats of all sizes.

Their plethora of experience in the industry has made them understand pet doors more than anyone else in the world. To add to this, the company is well aware of the nuances of how blogs can help gain market share in organic traffic. As a result, they've been consistently covering all nitty-gritty of information around pet doors via their blogs.

However, when someone publishes content over a long period of time, content pieces with overlapping information can occur naturally. These overlapping content led to a rise in visibility of one content piece while the other pieces faded in the shadow.


To derive maximum benefit from their blog posts, CueBlocks assisted to merge and optimize their blog posts with overlapping content.


Petdoors Experienced

PetDoors106.94% increase in Sessions from their Revenue-driven blog posts


What We Did

Prioritization of the blog posts

The importance of prioritization in SEO is often overlooked when there’s a flurry of activities & you are frantically ticking off the things while hoping for some initial results to kick in.

As a part of our process here, blog posts were grouped under themes. The themes were provided by the client, as they were the best source of information on what resonates the most with pet doors. For e.g

ThemesBlog posts to be merged
Blog posts about
Pet door training
Blog 1 (Parent Blog)
Blog 2
Blog 3
Blog posts about
Pet door Security
Blog 1 (Parent Blog)
Blog 2
Blog 3
Blog posts about Pet door
Electronic Pet doors
Blog 1 (Parent Blog)
Blog 2
Blog 3

Adding & Retaining the
right keywords

Picking a parent blog post and merging the rest of related (underperforming) blogs was the first step. The second step was to be wary of keyword placement. All keywords that were ranking well were untouched. Instead, we added semantically related keywords and synonymous versions of high ranking keywords while merging.

An important exception

Please note, not all blog posts are a right fit for merging. A blog performing well on its own might have its performance compromised when merged and hence, before qualifying any blog for merging, you should make an exception for the following:

  • Blog posts doing well in Social Media or newsletters
  • Blog posts that are part of buying funnel (even with less number of Sessions)

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