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AllThatGrows Achieves 2.97x ROAS & 500+ Conversions with Google Ads

Focusing on the 3 B's of Marketing - Building Awareness, Brand Consideration, and Bringing Conversions

AllThatGrows Achieves 2.97x ROAS & 500+ Conversions


AllThatGrows is a leading e-commerce store in India that specializes in providing a diverse range of top-quality seeds. Their journey is dedicated to providing a greener and more fulfilling gardening experience. With a commitment to promoting sustainable gardening practices, they offer an impressive collection of Non-GMO, open-pollinated, non-hybrid, and heirloom seeds. 

Since ATG’s establishment in 2017, CueBlocks has been their trusted partner, providing comprehensive support in various aspects of their business. From website design to effective product sales strategies, we have handled it all.

Together, the collaboration has been centered around brand building, driving targeted traffic, and optimizing conversions, ultimately transforming the audience into satisfied, paying customers. 

On 19th January 2017, AllThatGrows made its first sale via Google Ads. Since then, just like their plants, they have grown substantially with their loyal customers, sales, and ROI. 



Revenue from Google Ads


Users come from Google Ads 


Users via Google Ads* 




Increase in audience size while maintaining ROAS*


Although the seeds they produced are of amazing quality, we initially faced certain challenges that made advertising AllThatGrows a positive challenge for CueBlocks.

  1. Starting From Scratch - As much as we at CueBlocks love building a brand from the beginning, it is always difficult to do so as there are so many factors to consider. From building a story and understanding the competition to building value and a loyal customer base, it was a journey full of challenges and achievements.
  2. Effectiveness - Since most of their products are inexpensive, advertising while maintaining a profit was certainly a difficult task.
  3. Competitive Niche - Building a loyal audience was quite a struggle. With over 92,50,00,000 results appearing in Google for the keyword "urban gardening", it is a highly competitive niche. Kitchen gardens alone contributed about 60 billion rupees to the Indian economy in the fiscal year 2020.
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Our Process


Brand awareness and conversions have been top priorities from the beginning of our strategy. We built awareness campaigns from a bottom-up approach and conversion-oriented campaigns from a top-down approach. This allowed us an effective route to reach the balancing point of building a brand while making a profit at the same time.


After facing a few hurdles and producing results in our dual hierarchy approach, we evolved our process to a more ‘converting’ approach: to build an effective ROAS. 


Since many of the products are seasonal, it was crucial to understand the trend and then increase budgets for conversion campaigns. We simultaneously reduced our awareness budgets at the right time and escalated our returns. This provided us with more budget to reinvest when required. 


As we improved our ROAS, we also expanded our advertising budgets towards new audiences and remarketed to existing users. This helped bring in a newer set of audiences while maintaining our ROAS. 

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CueBlocks have played an integral role in AllThatGrows' journey from 2017 to 2023. Initially, our collaboration began with their Shopify website creation and management, which later progressed to include Google Search Ads services.


Our Google Search Ads experienced a significant conversion journey from April 2019 to February 2020, reaching an average of 300 conversions per month. 


Our campaign was disrupted by the sudden impact of COVID-19, and we had to pause the campaign for the months of April and May. This time was used as an opportunity to improve and re-strategize.


The campaign was relaunched in June 2020, and with 500+ conversions, there was a remarkable uptick of 43.79% in the overall conversion rate.


2021 focused on refining data from 2020, resulting in a 72.11% increase in conversion rate, a 31.1% increase in revenue, and a 23.06% increase in transactions.  


Despite the pandemic, the company managed to maintain an average of 400 conversions per month between 2021 and 2022. 

Overall, the conversion journey for Google Search Ads was successful, despite seasonal factors and competition changes.

  • In 2021, we increased our audience size by 9.17% compared to 2020.
  • 2.97x Returns on Ad Spend
  • Over 52% of users come from Google Ads
  • Over 1600,000 users visited via Google Ads

As of now, our partnership has expanded significantly. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including Design and Development, PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing, to cater to their evolving needs and support their continued growth. 

CueBlocks remain a committed and indispensable part of AllThatGrows' success story.

“Their company is value driven, and their employees and customers come first. I’m very happy with them. Any customer of theirs shouldn’t have any trouble.

We’re receiving the same high quality deliverables, but at lower rates than those offered in Silicon Valley.”

-Karan Mahajan
Co-Founder, AllThatGrows









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