Intelligent Conversion Optimization for your Store

We help you gather better customer intelligence and apply that knowledge to improve your store's conversions.

CueBlocks works with you not only at the site level but also at the business level to help you understand your customers better. This will subsequently improve your website's conversion rate.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) service is aimed at maximizing the conversions of your store. Our experience in eCommerce and Online Marketing has showed us that it is 'Easier to improve the conversion rate, as compared to doubling the traffic!'

While both elements (traffic + conversion improvement) are essential, usually most of the businesses end up spending more time, effort and resources in increasing the online traffic of their site. The site design and user experience, after it is first designed, is not typically re-looked at regularly. The assumption here is that the energy and focus put into the site during the designing process, is sufficient to ensure that the final product is best optimized for conversions.

We believe that Conversion Optimization has to be a long term and ongoing process, one that helps in sustaining improvement. As opposed to online marketing (which requires regular/daily involvement – either by your in-house team or by the agency managing it for you), conversion rate improvement can be done effectively in batches.

Our Conversion Experts have a strong background in areas like marketing, usability, branding, and eCommerce behavior.

We help you simplify the buying process on your store and overcome all the objections that visitors might have as they shop on your store.


Here are the steps we follow for our clients to help them improve their estore's conversion rate:

With the steps above, our innovative strategies and in-depth analysis, we will help your store convert more visitors into customers.

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