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How CueBlocks helped WomansWork speed up their Magento 2 store

Our team assisted the women-owned family business to reduce their first load time by 65.87% and repeat view time by 67.65%.
  • Average first load speed
    increased by 65.87%
  • Average repeat view speed
    increased by 67.65%

About the

WomansWork has been selling high quality gardening related accessories - gloves, tools, skin care etc., since 1986. Their love for gardening, ever available customer support and high standard of their products got them covered by magazines like Vogue, Better Homes, The O List (Oprah) and many more.

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Since upgrading to Magento 2, a slow site speed was a pressing issue for WomansWork. The long loading times were a big deterrent to a crisp and seamless user experience. With an optimally performing and a quicker website, the client aimed at leveraging the buzz they were successfully able to create with their products and novel ideas like their 'Story Bank'.


Fixes/ recommendations made by CueBlocks resulted in decreasing the pagespeed across the website, which has lead to considerable improvement to the user experience.

Home Page

7th june 2018   8th jan 2019
8.734s First View Womanswork 2.993s First View
9.199s Repeat View 2.395s Repeat View
Decreased load time by
65.73% First View   73.96% Repeat View

Category Page

Womens Gloves

7th june 2018   8th jan 2019
9.624s First View Womanswork 3.343s First View
8.930s Repeat View 2.755s Repeat View
Decreased load time by
65.26% First View   69.14% Repeat View

Product Page

Purple Floral Arm Saver Gloves

7th june 2018   8th jan 2019
14.743s First View Womanswork 4.920s First View
9.838s Repeat View 3.966s Repeat View
Decreased load time by
66.62% First View   59.68% Repeat View

Our Approach

As is the standard operating procedure at CueBlocks, we broke down the requirement into smaller sub tasks - our top priority being improving the speed and performance of the website.

The following are some of the major changes made or recommended by CueBlocks in order to make a positive impact on the speed and performance of

  • CSS/ JS Minification (Stopped JS Bundling).
  • Implemented Server Cache - Redis + Memcache.
  • Fixed Full Page Cache (FPC) issue which ensured its proper functioning.
  • Switched on the production mode.

On analysing the health of the website through a code audit and using diagnostic tools such as Pingdom, GTmetrix and Webpage speed test, we could identify several prominent deviations from the recommended Magento best practices. We identified improvements which, if implemented correctly, could have lead to a notable change in the site speed and performance.


Other important recommendations and implementations made by CueBlocks

  • Womanswork

    Setting up a proper development environment including separate development and staging servers along with a versioning system. This meant all the code was first to be implemented on a staging server and tested. Only after approval from the QA and the client the code was pushed live.

  • Womanswork

    Upgrading Magento to the latest 2.2.5 version. There was a big gap between the existing 2.1.2 version and the upgraded 2.2.5 version. The upgrade hence helped us to introduce the latest (stabler) Magento optimization standards to the website.

  • Womanswork

    Upgrading server to ensure enough space for implementing caching modules.

  • Womanswork

    Upgrading PHP to the latest stable versions.

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