CueBlocks is

now a Magento 2® Trained Solution Partner!

CueBlocks is now , officially, a certified Magento 2® Trained agency to provide Magento 2® based development solutions for eCommerce stores.

As the eCommerce world awaited the next generation, innovative eCommerce platform, our certified Magento developers ensured that CueBlocks is among the 87 chosen Magento Trained Solution Partners. We fulfilled all the Magento 2.0® program requirements and completed exercises that validated our ability to execute Magento 2.0® principles to become part of this much awaited Magento 2.0® super-program!

We have been contributing to the platform's functionalities and features in the form of extensions and providing product feedback from time to time. Now, with this specialization, we are ready for an even more exciting Magento adventure!

What All Can We Do Now?

Magento 2.0® platform was launched to empower both the millennial store owner as well as the millennial shopper. The new digital eCommerce platform assures enhanced scalability, efficient and extensive APIs, a tech stack that can be a developer's dream playground, improved shopper experience and better customer engagement for increased sales and higher conversion rates.

In short, it's a powerhouse next-gen eCommerce program that promises to deliver what the user and the admin aspire.

With the “Trained Solution Partner” status, CueBlocks is now able to:

How Can Our Clients Benefit?

Without thinking twice, you can now get in touch with us for any or almost every Magento 2.0® related services. With the badge comes both credibility and responsibility and we are excited to deliver some awesome Magento 2® projects.

So let's get to it straight on!

If you are planning a move to Magento 2® or upgrade your store, get in touch with us about our Magento 2® services.

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