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Brand identity, packaging and marketing campaigns for
AllThatGrows, a line of non-hybrid, non-GMO seed varieties


Increase on year growth in revenue


Increase in the number of orders

*Comparing Jan 19 - Nov 19 with the same period in 2018.

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“The breadth of experienced teams pulled in by Cue Blocks to realize the AllThatGrows website and packaging was just simply amazing. They were very helpful, friendly and professional to work with. Clear and constant communication with very precise deliverables helped us plan the launch very efficiently.

The store set up is effortlessly easy for my team to understand and work on every day. The website and the packaging tell our ever-evolving story beautifully - exactly what we were looking for.”

Karan Mahajan, Co-Founder

The story

AllThatGrows, the eCommerce store committed to the cause of #GrowYourOwnFood, made its debut in Jan 2017. From the outset, AllThatgrows was centred around creating sustainable and self-sufficient home gardens.

The idea of growing zucchini, tomatoes, beans, gourds etc is still foreign to most Indian households for lack of time in some cases and a dearth of awareness in others. There are very few products as overlooked as a packet of seeds.

With a passion for growing things, AllThatGrows team wanted to promote and preserve the agricultural and culinary heritage while parallelly introducing new gardening concepts in India.

Cherry Tomato Plant - All That Grows Case Study Woman planting Tomato - All That Grows Case Study
The CueBlocks team closely worked with the co-founders of AllThatGrows to incorporate the vision of the brand into the website design and user experience. The brand identity for AllThatGrows was then conceptualized and implemented to convey the product as natural, pure and authentic.
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    complete website design and development and implementation.

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    responsive theme development

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    comprehensive marketing campaigns

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    different categories of packaging


Since the brand was devout to educating the customer about the much-neglected significance of preserving local heirloom seed varieties and an earth-conscious lifestyle, the graphic/packaging identity of the brand and the marketing, both paid and organic, needed to emphasize the product as natural, pure and authentic.


Identifying and developing a uniquely specific palette of colours that represent the spirit of growing one’s one food


Designing and building the brand’s identity with regards to the website and the packaging centred around the soulful connection to nature


Working with the marketing team to discern a very specific set of audience and customer persona that can become the potential customer base for the brand


Creating highly usable, searchable and customizable pages that can result in clear conversions

The CueBlocks Advantage

Our team worked closely with the brand on creating an identity that contributed to integrated marketing and communication strategy which positions the brand as a wholesome gardening brand.

All That Grow Website Screenshot

Website designing & development:

The homepage of the website was designed to incorporate the ‘seasonality’ element which is a major factor in sales or this particular product. The look and feel of the website were designed for visual cohesion across different pages. USPs, call to actions, sign up boxes were implemented to stand out for increased user engagement.

Our inspiration during the design and development of the website was the user’s journey, or in this case, the gardener’s journey. Hence the navigation needed to appeal to the gardener's looking specific information about different categories of seeds.

The How to Grow App

To guide customers through the gardening process, we created a “How to grow” app - which provided easy access to all relevant information in one place.

We developed a user-centric experience that highlighted the brand’s extensive gardening expertise and crafted a highly visual and easy to navigate and fully responsive website.

All That Grows
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All That Grows
All That Grows Packaging All That Grows Grow Kit All That Grows Seed Kit


To launch and start shipping, the brand needed versatile packaging solutions to serve the variety of product categories. Further, the seeds require cool and dry storage to stay usable. The earthy aesthetic and raw texture of kraft paper was used in packaging to embrace the au naturale look for the brand.

Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

A brand-specific messaging on MailChimp for subscribers was used to deliver the right communication at the right time. With marketing automation and a host of newsletters including behavioural, promotional, informative, we were able to build a strong audience base and keep them engaged.

Campaign Management

Targeted on capturing the new and old audience, we implemented a comprehensive ad campaign for the brand with Adwords, Digital Advertising, Blogging, Category Text, FB/Instagram Ads to spread the word. The digital communication for the different campaigns was centred around elementary copy highlighting the benefits of the product and authentic imagery to build credibility.

Result: A Successful Digital Store Inspired by Nature

The month on month growth, irrespective of the highly volatile nature of the seed industry

Post website development, customers could find the brand easily and as a result the offline orders increased by 74%.

A 32.50% increase in orders in 2019 (Jan-Nov), compared to the same period in 2018.

Email marketing has emerged as the 3rd best revenue channel, after paid campaigns and organic searches.

A constant year on year growth in revenue with a 82.28% increase in 2019 (Jan - Nov) when compared to the same period in 2018.

An increase of 71.42% in new users through organic search, in 2019 (Jan-Nov), compared to the same period in 2018.

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